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Twitter Channels and Technorati ...Small Enterprise Ideas 2020TAGS ...Small Medium Enterprise and On-Line Marketing!

What if Twitter had Channels like a TV? Social Types, Business Types, Entertainment Types and the Blah ...Blah Channel Types could just turn to their channel! What's Twitter missing, other than a market revenue model? Can you say, "Technorati."

Go to Twitter. Set up an account and "oh, my gosh," here they come. Something like turning on the television and everyone and every type of program is all coming through one channel. Imagine a barrage of "Infomercials" on steroids.

Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises and Businesses are blurred in never-ending infomercials on Twitter in its current form. "Suzy Twitter," is following "Andy the Twitterholic," "Andy," is following "Antonio Get Rich Quick," "Antonio," is following 'Outdoor Media." Get the idea? Twitter's solution, "Lists." That's right, "Twitter List" does allow Twitter users to form their own "Network Channels;" yet, those very channels become overwhelmed with Twitter manipulators who have figured out how to "Infomercial" the very same "Lists" are invaded by all the above.

Twitter does have revenue potential by enabling specific channels and does have the opportunity to form "Working Channels for Entrepreneurs and SMEs" when it begins to understand "Reach and Frequency," and "Optimization." Meanwhile...? Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprises and Businesses are on their own; that is, except for members of the SocioBusiness Portal.

Understanding R&F and Optimization is essential in entrepreneurism, and building enterprise into international footprints. What is reach and frequency and how does this apply to my enterprise?

Successful enterprises are able to “reach their target audience” and are able to “reach their target audience frequently.” Enterprises and entrepreneurs actively employing “Reach” and “Frequency” can trend the effectiveness of brand demand and can customize their enterprise for commercialization with a targeted and specific working model for success. Optimization is literally "optimizing your presence," like "first seen and last seen by your target audience."

So, how does this connect with "Twitter Channels and Technorati?" How does this fit with Small Enterprise Ideas and working toward building your own channels?

Employing a combination of Twitter with Technorati, helps in creating the appropriate channels for entrepreneurial and small to medium enterprise types by two methods, "categorizing your tags," and "establishing 'network portals'."

Learning more through the "SocioBusiness Portal," helps small and medium enterprise by "Advancing Enterprise Services and developing enterprise reach." As members of the SocioBusiness Portal collaborations include “on-hand” capabilities to develop a dialogue and match like-minded opportunities to commercialize their Socio/Business Network(sm)with like-minded entrepreneurs who can benefit from helpful links too.

In the realm of socio/business networking and small enterprise paradigms, entrepreneurs and enterprises can plug-in to the realm of communications, and targeting reach and frequency and optimization within channels that are void of infomercials and twitteroholics with 2020TAGS and use of tools like 2020Translator(sm) located on Business On-Line Cafe.

Adding the 2020Translator(sm) links to your task bar and network channel will allow small enterprises to reach back to your enterprise!

Working out of the box, small enterprises deliver by giving “them” the business. Small Enterprise deliver!

Small enterprises, together in culture and commerce…small enterprises deliver.

So when Navigating your Entrepreneurism and Enterprise through endless channels for success, make your channel within the SocioBusiness Portal. Learn more with collaborations through the Socio/Business Network(sm) at! – Small Medium Enterprise and On-Line Marketing Socio/Business Help

Want to advance a business collaboration? Request to Join an Exclusive Socio/Business Network(sm) on ISM2020(sm)!

Are you an entrepreneur small business small enterprise interested in collaborating small enterprise into international footprints…the Collaborations Network(sm) for helping enterprise grow and creating new markets! Enterprise Intelligence Stimulating Enterprise Development Into International Footprints Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe Building Small Enterprise and International Footprints!

An Evolving, Exclusive, Incubation Portal may be available to you? SocioBusinessHosting(sm) is emerging as the home of SocioBusiness Incubation… join us!

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