Monday, October 18, 2010

Small Medium Enterprise and On-Line Marketing - China Currency Policy? A SocioBusiness Look at Entrepreneur and Small Business ...2020TAGS

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Small Medium Enterprise and On-Line Marketing - China Currency Policy? A SocioBusiness Look at Entrepreneur and Small Business ...2020TAGS

Navigating International Markets and Working Capital, is it such a puzzle for entrepreneurs and small enterprise ideas?

As Entrepreneurism and Small Enterprise ideas develop through SocioBusiness Collaborations, "navigating international markets" demand some point of view as well as reflections on geopolitical and big business actions on the SocioBusiness Portal. The sociobusiness paradigm stands ready to empower entrepreneurs and small enterprise ideas. What runs 70% of the global market?

Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurism - what will be your working capital asset and currency within the SocioBusiness Portal? what and how are you to be geopolitically aware of the most stable currency? Step into the SocioBusiness Portal of Small Enterprise; enter the Socio/Business Network(sm) and collaborate opportunities into international markets.

A look back and ahead on the question of China based, BRIC based or new global currency, says don't buy the chatter as self serving rumors run rampant of currency wars and manipulations fostered mostly by the irresponsibility of the Global Foreign currency traders. China a global currency? Even China wouldn't want this burden.

Can you imagine China depending on its currency to support a global economic restructuring or depression? More than a billion unhappy citizens of its own would have no where to point should its Government place its currency up to withstand the global burden of the World's most reliable and resilient currency. No doubt, China's, thusfar, wisest economic advisors, know that the only currency that can withstand, rebound and revitalize a global economic recovery doest not exist in a Chinese global currency, nor in a BRIC currency, nor in any new pseudo new currency.

Navigating international markets and the effects of Governments and Big Business for Entrepreneurism and Small Enterprise, is enhanced through responsible sociobusiness collaborations and trusted facilitation of valued working capital enterprise models. Advancing any decision on what currency is the currency of working capital models, suggests the strategy of developing collaborations and working within responsible "sociobusiness collaboration zones."

In considering responsible currency choices and developing responsible collaboration zones, geopolitical elements should be strongly considered before chasing big business and foreign currency pundits over the cliff.

Should China consider a "BRIC" currency? Not likely, as each member sits on ticking timebombs of such a geopolitical nature that could significanly interrupt trade and most importantly the exchange of commodities that each depend so highly upon.

Brazil now faces a potential nuclear Venezuela, thanks to Russia. India faces the radical Islamic access to nuclear weaponry, thanks to Russia. China faces an increasingly unstable, nuclear black marketer in North Korea. Only one currency has sustained all such threats - A New Currency? China is certainly too wise to take on that burden!

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