Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small Enterprise Ideas? Bernanke's Monster in the Back Yard 2020TAGS Channel from the SocioBusiness Portal

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Add to Technorati Favorites Small Enterprise Ideas? Bernanke's Monster in the Back Yard 2020TAGS Channel from the SocioBusiness Portal ...the unspoken opinion of what's the mess and who is holding the bags? 

So, here we are! Capital for enterprise development is choked up because of who is holding the bags. With a common known fact that small enterprise drives more than 70% of the global capital, why is this force seem stagnate?

Okay.  Let's blame the Federal Reserve types and other similar Economic Entities. Holding the bags are those who seem to ignore the monster created in the back yard.  Charged with creating favorable working capital markets, "hey!," and, including the more than 70% of the global economy represented in the small enterprise markets, are the consequences leading to the continuous interventions.  To be fair, many interventions have historically occurred during global wars - allowing many economies to reset the global economic balances - with many of the "bad" players being forgiven.  Well...?  Not the best way to run a World!

Fostering a continuous mode of redistributing wealth eventually ends back into the hands of those not willing nor "able to" lead the way in re-capitalizing the small enterprise markets and freeing up the capital choked by large global entities too unwilling to take less to recapitalize markets.  Absent War, what do you do?

Hypothetically, if you are similar to the entities like the U.S. Federal Reserve and its foreign counterparts, you would create multiple financial vehicles taking the "new value" of your "country's assets" and use that as global borrowing power.  The end goal? ...a more perfect union.

Well?  What happens if you are the Fed type entity, basing their borrowing power on their, arguably,  inflated and declared asset value and nobody else wants to declare a real and current market value?  Stand off!  Choke Points!  ...and, the eventual out-of-reach ability for small enterprise to take a foothold and re-establish working capital.  At least, that's the SocioBusiness Portal opinion and 2020TAGS Channel.

Perhaps a paradigm is in order for small enterprise and other should get on board.  Collaborations through those markets more working capital friendly to small enterprise and micro business influence, allows targeted and somewhat philanthropic enterprise from enterprise development and freeing the gap in working capital for small enterprise WorldWide.

Face the new paradigm for Families, Entrepreneurs, Micro Business and Small to Medium Enterprise in the Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs) of the WRLymanGroup's SocioBusiness Portal.  Proprietary metrics along with concerted research for targeted solutions, a new paradigm presents to overcome those monsters in the back yard.
According to WRLymanGroup, L.L.C., "By freeing up working capital in our Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones, our collaborative group takes the lead in providing the missing link of the paradigm facing recapitalizing working capital, small enterprise markets.  

In our identified Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs), working capital is often commonly choked at the point where the current lender and the current owner are both neither willing or can find a mutually agreeable means to re-value the asset at current market values.  Sitting at the top of these choke points are Fed type entities and Global Banks.  

Choke points tie up capital, because very few are willing to step up and take the lesser offers, for fear of destablizing the larger markets.  The new paradigm involves reinvesting into the choked capital, at a fair rate, and re-introducing those assets, at fair value, back into the communities.  A niche solution for small enterprise type recapitalization, enhancing the possibilities of a greater capital position for those communities participating in the CEDZs.

Whether through Economic Development, Urban Economic Development to Private Equity, Venture Capital Holding organizations, targeted working capital energizes the cash flow and the prospective independence of those homeowners/small lenders, entrepreneur, micro business to small enterprises of the SocioBusiness Portal's CEDZs.

The WRLymanGroup's SocioBusiness Portal and the virtual reach of the 2020TAGS Channel empowers this paradigm through our philanthropic approach to stimulate enterprise and entrepreneurial development, recycle enterprise from enterprise, enabling and empowering the enhancement of Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs)!

The Group’s SocioBusiness Portal and 2020TAGS Channel offers the first virtual reach, enabling collaborations across many small enterprise friendly markets of the “SBH Ranked(sm),” Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs), developing working capital solutions and other enterprise collaborative development to overcome the “Recapitalizing of Entrepreneur, Micro Business and Small Enterprise Markets with a WorldWide Reach.”

Join in and face those monsters in the back yard!  The Group welcomes responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises to the continuous-enterprise-development-zones. WRLymanGroup LLC, continues to develop opportunities where Entrepreneurs and Small Business are gathering…the SocioBusiness Portal of the WRLymanGroup.

WRLymanGroup brings responsible sociobusiness entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises information, intelligence, services, as well as dedicated networks and collaborative strategic new business cooperations. The Group’s continuing mission is to stimulate, build, enable, empower and encourage entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprise working collaborations across the globe.

The paradigm proffered by the WRLymanGroup, L.L.C. is a niche business whose mission is to fill the needs of recapitalizing small enterprise markets by filling the gap in working capital and overcoming those monsters in the back yard, choking up enterprise working capital.

What’s your Entrepreneur or Small Enterprise Idea? Are you participating in the Collaborations Network(sm) of the SocioBusiness Portal?

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Now new markets burgeon for entrepreneur and small enterprise in working capital models – The 2020TAGS Channel… from the WRLymanGroup, the next paradigm opens for continuous-enterprise-development-zones (CEDZs, where enterprise develops from enterprise).

The SocioBusiness Portal profers the future of sustained, new market influence from entrepreneurs and small enterprise within new SocioBusiness Trade Zones and the creation of global reach and partnerships.
Inspiring new opportunities in the place where culture meets commerce for Entrepreneurs and Small Enterprise WorldWide.

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