Monday, December 10, 2012

Small Enterprise Ideas? Dress It Up, But? 2020TAGS Channel

Small Enterprise Ideas? Dress It Up, But?  2020TAGS Channel
“What Enhances Entrepreneur Success”

Teaming to Reconfigure the Cost of Capital CEDZ WorldWide

Dressing up Small Enterprise?  The most common avenues of enterprise development have long treaded paths of those enterprises seeking success long before them.  Long treaded paths find small enterprise all bunched up at the end of the path, each expecting the same or greater chance of success, yet falling short.  Dressing up small enterprise ideas with capital promotion avenues in search of macro development is seldom successful as enterprise idea competes for equal attention or assistance.

As small enterprise makes up more than 70% of the Global Capital Markets, most if not many enterprises compete for the 30% participation in the Macro or Global markets of big enterprise.
No wonder, “you can dress it up,” but what enhances entrepreneur success?

There is a Paradigm or Change in favor of enterprise of late.  The changes are reflected in the micro capital alternatives to enterprise development.  It is happening and they are gathering!

Whether the Paradigm of SAGIA’s Economic Cities development, the development of entrepreneurial collective think groups or financial sources of low crowd-funding, alternatives to macro development in favor of micro to micro to macro development through micro capital alternatives.

New reporting of SocioBusiness-type-Paradigms for Entrepreneurs is emerging.  New media, new measurement of qualitative and quantitative data is emerging in this Paradigm.  Small enterprise are plugging in!

From now through the next Paradigm into 2020, the Paradigm most favoring enterprise success is the movement toward collaborative development of new enterprise organizational structures, the co-availability of enterprise oriented intelligence and the collaborative partnerships now convening for the reconfiguring of capital costs for growth and sustainability.

The Virtual presence and Access to the collaborative engagement Paradigm provide the reach and frequency of reach to establish such a presence in the Paradigm for Entrepreneur Success.

One avenue, clear on path, clear of obstructions and engaging enterprise oriented success at the micro alternative comes in the SocioBusiness Portal of the Group!  Discovering the collaborative nature of opportunities and joining in the development of enterprise oriented alternative regions of trade are a path worth considering in the Zones of continuous-enterprise-development – the 2020TAGS Channel and SocioBusiness Portal, stimulating enterprise development and serving in semi-philanthropic collaborative development of the Paradigm for enterprise success.