Collaborative Development Thinking. How do I grow? "The New Era and New Economies of Rural and Urban Development"

Welcome to the "New Era and New Economies of Rural and Urban Development.

Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and more...Enterprise, where Micro Economic Corridors are developing - Alternative Eco Impact Zones are on the rise!

Where are the places where Micro and Small Enterprise or their Sectors under-served? 

Zones of micro business development include both rural and urban settings.  Each Rural or Urban locality or setting comes with its own unique set of obstacles or challenges but there are changes occurring in Micro and Small Enterprise development, changes that are adding value to the under-served and opening possibilities where none existed before.

Looking at some of the changes or Paradigms since the grand financial debacle of late, micro and small enterprise may find solace in the Micro and Small Enterprise Zone philanthropic development taking place. 

Paradigms like Collaborative Capital Model development of locally owned Eco Impact Zones and executive teams of semi-philanthropic eco-oriented Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators are out changing the dynamics of business development and creating a niche for multi-sector (holistic), micro and small enterprise development in holistic eco impact campuses and advanced renewable development zones.

Each of the under-served zones may fall short on capital access, research access, locality, organization, structure, jurisdiction and/or collaborative financial planning.  Forming cooperatives or collaboratives, Paradigms are reconfiguring the ability and capability of micro and small enterprise to compete, add value to their developing region and to create sustainable and profitable collaborative enterprises with the power of Collaborations.

Small Enterprise and Micro Enterprise are thinking, how do I grow, and should look to the opportunities offered out there by Paradigm shifters where growing micro and small enterprise is taking place today!

Find out how you can grow and plug into the Paradigms for micro and small enterprise - there are multi-sector happenings - Agri Sector, Transportation, Trade, Energy, Hydro and more!

Conceptualize the possibilities with the teams of global micro collaboratives, ask for help and grow!

Now, more than ever, small enterprise ideas, enterprise empowerment and responsible collaborative ventures are reconfiguring the cost of capital, enhancing access to working capital and changing the global economic landscape for small enterprise.

For more on the alternatives for entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise and the Paradigms of enterprise enablement;  check out Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators Group on LinkedIn and Plug In!

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