Micro and Small Enterprise Alternative Development - Welcome to the Possibilities Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators

“Welcome to the Possibilities - Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators

Venture into a Place where “like-minded,” private, semi-philanthropic entrepreneurs stimulate Micro and Small Enterprise Collaborative Development!

"A New Era in Rural and Economic Development" describes where innovation and creativity are gathering, stimulating under-served markets. 

Offering working capital, collaborative, private and locally owned Micro Enterprise Zone development, participating members of the Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators assemble, formulate, organize and develop targeted micro markets with Eco Zones and Modality.

Collaborations enhance capital access to under-served markets by reconfiguring the cost of capital through the Collaborative Capital Model development and private, semi-philanthropic collaborators forming into Eco Campuses and Eco Impact Zones.  Rural or Urban Collaborative Capital Model zone development is tailored for each under-served Eco Impact Zone.

Creating alternatives for micro and small enterprise development in under-served markets, total zone development of each Collaborative enhances employment opportunities through developing higher skilled work forces with skilled training in Eco Energies such as:

 "Solar, Hydro Electric systems, and in Eco Agriculture such as AquaPonic or Hydroponic systems, Eco Renewable Timbers, Modalities – shipping, trucking and more."

Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators are actively moving forward in connecting the Micro Enterprise Eco Collaborative Zones through Alternative Trade Route development and by assisting each participating zone in the private development of ports for each of the Eco Impact Zones.

From 1,000 acres to 1,000 square kilometers, the Paradigm of Collaborative Capital Model development is happening.  Collaborative like-minded entrepreneurs are working to stimulate market possibilities where no markets existed before. 

Find micro development alternatives the niche’ for the sustainability of each of the continuous-enterprise-development-zones, enhancing opportunities for international footprints and enabling under-served markets with sustainable, private, semi-philanthropic development of total Eco Collaboratives.

If there were a place where under-served, working capital friendly markets could explore the potential of developing Micro Capital alternatives to Macro Capital development, where would that place be?  

Plug in to the Collaborations of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators and Welcome to the Possibilities!

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