Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eco-Agri Collaborations - Introducing Holistic Eco-Agri Renewable Impact Zones for Under-served!

Eco-Agri Collaborative Fishery Nursery Unit(s)
More than 1,000,000 Fingerlings Powering AquaPonics and Feeding the Under-Served

New Era of Rural and Urban Development Eco-Agri Collaboratives

Plug into Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators gathering and forming semi-philanthropic Eco Impact Zones for under-served, friendly Frontier markets

Welcome to the New Era of Rural or Urban Development - holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model development of Eco Impact Zones!

Friendly Frontier markets seeking new era Rural and Urban development enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing holistic Eco oriented facilities as part of the many renewables making up an Eco-Agri Collaborative.

Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital Models are holistically composed of renewable energy facility, Aquaponic (closed system, nutrient rich) Growing Units (AGUs), Fishery (closed system, nurseries) Nursery Units (FNUs)(excrement piped to AGUs), Field Renewables (Bamboo & other low impact renewable crops), Full Security Scope, and full Modality - capable transport & logistics internally and to value chains of future.

Eco Impact Zones are developed to introduce new Eco (ecologically friendly) oriented industries, new era workforces, enhanced access to capital, and the modality required to Eco-Agri Collaborative Logistics/Modality developing alternative trade, ports, and access to other collaborative impact zones.

Specific Scope bid requirements are open for invited collaborating participant sectors to build, operate, transfer, and train the local independent contracting workers in new Eco tech sectors from advanced trained Agri-Techs, Fishery-Techs, Solar-Techs, Communications-Tech, Renewable-Field-Operations-Techs, including advanced training in Eco-Agri security and Eco-Agri logistics techs.

Join in moving the Paradigm forward.

The developing grid of Micro Enterprise landowners and small farmers of under-served, friendly Frontier markets and semi-philanthropic, ecopreneurs are joining in Collaborations and Forming Sustainable Micro and Small Enterprise, Full-Scale, Agri/Aquaponic-Renewable Energy-Fish Nurseries-Renewable Grasses Eco Collaborations - The creation of Eco Impact Zones in under-served friendly, frontier is on the way!

Join with the growing Group of local and private, semi-philanthropic teams - Engaging the paradigm, offering flexibility in both Urban or Rural Financial Structure Planning or Plan(s) (FSP) and enabling the assembly of local and international Eco Impact Zones, building alternative trade routes and new micro capital value chains of the future.

Join in the Paradigm of Enterprise Encouragement, Empowerment, Enablement! Find the Zones of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators and the Semi-Philanthropic development of a growing WorldWide Grid of Micro Economic Corridors and the Power of Eco Collaborations.