Logistics for Under Served Friendly, Frontier Markets - from the Eco Collaborative Capital and Eco Impact Zones of Micro Enterprise WorldWide

Establishing Micro Business Modality and Intermodalism - Developing the Micro Economic Corridors and Value Chains of the Future!

Adding Transport to the Impact Zones of Eco Collaboratives

Modality (Logistics) of Eco Collaborative Zones

Eco Impact Zones of under served, friendly, Frontier Markets are developing alternative micro enterprise ports and routes of trade, advancing micro economic corridors into the developing Alternative Trade Ports and Routes of Eco Collaborative global development.

Enterprise is taking back Logistics and you may be seeing ships, soon!

Eco Collaborative development and the value of "micro economic corridors?"

Collaborative Engagements are incorporating tailored logistical modality and moving toward effectively advancing new routes of trade and collaborative Eco Impact Zones of under served micro markets - establishing the alternative trade routes, trade ports, and value chains of the future.

Adding transport to under-served through holistic Eco Collaborative Development of Urban or Rural development opens new trade and commercial potential for the establishment of a growing grid of continuous enterprise development zones.

With the collaborative aid of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators, the value-chains of the future have alternative routes of trade via "micro economic corridors" or micro enterprise zones of and advancing the movement of Project Genesis "M," or, from "intermodalism" to global modality of Frontier Market zones.

Moving goods through the enterprise oriented grid offers under served zones with access to new enterprise oriented Ports, opening new markets and adding more sectors of enterprises joining in the Alternative to barriers frequented in Macro oriented economic corridors.

Having the ability to interface with locality, organization, structure, the collaborative flexibility to tailor Eco Collaborative Modality to tailored global locations, each collaboration in each Zone, empowers infrastructure improvements and the greater development of "micro economic corridors" in parallel relationship to Macro "economic corridors."

Paralleling the Interstates of Macro Trade with the Avenues of Micro Economic Corridors?

Collaborative possibilities deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations; and now, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…

Enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing.

Enter the Paradigm where Modality incorporates into Eco Collaborative Zones; establishing alternative ports, routes of trade and the sustainability into the value chains of the future.  Join in developing the grid and enabling the micro economic corridors of developing Eco Impact Zones.

Modality and Intermodalism?  Micro enterprises and small farming enterprises can develop inventories of qualified Eco product containers, and the development of private, deep water ports. 

Adding Modality to development provides additional workforce enablement and higher skilled/compensated small contractors - including, training in skills from container repair, to skills in land/sea/air/rail transport and logistics.

Coming full circle from the days of Marco Polo, Micro Business Logistics and Micro Economic Corridors are becoming an integral part of the ventures and engagements for both Rural and Urban Economic Development capital models.

Now, entrepreneurs, micro business, and small to medium enterprise participating within the designated zones are gathering for the collaborative ventures of semi-philanthropic development and delivering both continuity and service demanded in the Alternative Markets of Small Enterprise and the forming Micro Economic Corridors of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators - Project Genesis "M."

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