The Collaborative Hand of Micro Enterprise Worldwide Collaborators, Changing from Green to Blue - Eco Impact Zones and Micro Economic Corridors and the Value Chains of the Future!

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Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators

Forming a holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model

Rural or Urban Development in 
Under served micro enterprise and small farmers of friendly Frontier markets

Welcome to the New Era in Rural and Urban Development!  

Now, more than ever, small enterprise ideas, enterprise empowerment, and responsible collaborative ventures are reconfiguring the cost of capital, changing the global economic landscape for small and micro enterprise in both Rural and Urban development,
enhancing access to working capital, and building the value chains of the future.

As the sphere of influence for small enterprise shifts in favor of the Capitalization or Re-Capitalization of working capital friendly, small enterprise markets/zones, working capital models and collaborative engagements are merging the strength of small enterprise into an effective and successful enterprise oriented World of its own.

Assembling a holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model requires from 1,000, 3,000, up to 5,000 contiguous-acres, privately held, by small landowners or small enterprise farmers interested in private, collaborative capital development of Eco Impact Zones and the holistic sector development of - renewable energy - agri/aquaponics - fisheries - communications - modality - new era workforces - and adding value to through responsible economic development and eco friendly development.

Covering more than 10 elements of the Paradigm for rural or urban development, holistic Eco collaborative capital model development might be the alternative, enhancing access to capital and adding value to your frontier market.

Stay plugged into the growing network of Micro WorldWide Collaborators as we form holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Models of Rural or Urban Development for the under served, micro enterprise, and small-micro farmers of friendly, Frontier markets

This Post - Paradigms and Strategies! - Element 1

Paradigms and Strategies in Rural and Urban Development

Alternative capital developmental paradigms, from private, collaborative, Entrepreneurs-Ecopreneurs are forming the working capital relations and enhancing access to capital for small and micro enterprise landowners and small farmers of friendly, frontier markets.

Small enterprise creates more than 70% of the global economic pie, yet small enterprise competes for capital from the 30% controlled, pie holders of the Macro or BRIC markets.  

The continuous dividing of a stagnant, global economic pie and, an inability of small and micro enterprise to access capital to grow the global economic pie, significantly impacts development of new era industries, new era workforces, and the evolution of holistic Eco Impact Zones and the new era of rural or urban development in friendly, frontier markets.

Over the past 35-years', an evolution of geopolitics and trade routes focusing on macro market competition for the former BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) emerging markets finally lead to the largest bleed of wealth in human history and the destruction of small and micro enterprise capacity to increase the global economic pie.

The corruption in the former BRICs, and within the Macro markets fueling the capital depletion, coupled with the loss of large global capital into BRIC allied oligarchs, finally reached its global tipping point; yet, macro markets keep trying the same old thing.

With well intended and well appreciated assistance of NGOs, friendly Frontier markets receive only the very basic in single enterprise development and require more than philanthropic assistance.

Yet, for friendly, underserved Frontier markets, a Paradigm has occurred in alternative capital development.

A growing network of private, semi-philanthropic entrepreneurial collaborators are joining forces in a new era of Rural and Urban development.

Assembling into teams, working in collaboration, and enhancing access to funding for rural and or urban development, under served, friendly markets are evolving toward free-market, fledgling democracies.

The very obstacles of restricted capital access, less developed infra-structures, less-skilled workforces, and less-developed, less-connected micro economic corridors are now opportunities.

Holistic-Eco Collaborative Capital Model development is the Paradigm making its way from the "Hand of Micro WorldWide Collaborators, turning Green to Blue for friendly, frontier markets." and Micro WorldWide Collaborators

Micro WorldWide Collaborators' Future Posts:

- Holistic Eco Impact Zone - Sectors?

- Holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model - Private, Semi-Philanthropic, Entrepreneurial-Ecopreneurial Collaborators?

- Friendly Frontier Markets' Eco Impact areas - through 2020, building the value chains of the future?

- The General Scope?

- Organization & Specific Scopes?

- Strategy - Phases to a Financial Structure Plan (FSP)?

- Funding - Alternative Developmental funding Rural or Urban - holistic Eco Impact Zone submission of FSP and documents to private or development funding?

- Three-year, six-months' Collaborative, post-build, to co-manage, operate, train, and transfer to the Collaborative small enterprise and micro farmers and shareholders?

- Formulation of a holistic Eco Impact Zone, new era industries, new era workforces, and value chains of the Future?

Plug into Micro WorldWide Collaborators & 

Welcome to the New Era of Rural or Urban Development - holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model development of Eco Impact Zones!

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