Welcome to the New Era of Rural and Urban Development - Eco Impact Zones and Friendly Frontier Markets

Collaborations are Assembling

Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators

The Eco Collaborative Capital Model 

- An Alternative - A Paradigm proffering a shift in favor of small enterprise, small-farmers to micro farmers, allowing reach beyond local markets, and the ability to establish international footprints. 

Welcome to the Collaborations!

Plugging in to the Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital models offers a gateway, or catalyst, and introducing holistic, Eco-Agri development - new era industries, new era workforces, alternative capital development, and connecting the Eco- Collaborative Development Zones into a WorldWide Grid of Eco Impact Zones!

Plug into the gathering of Collaborative Capital Model development of friendly Frontier markets! Join the Zones of Enterprise Enablement!

Stimulating enterprise development with working capital models and collaborative strength enables, empowers and encourages the development of alternative markets and trade with a WorldWide reach to working capital friendly markets.

Taking the steps to stimulate enterprise development, now more than ever demands holistic Eco-development - the Paradigm of now and the future...!

   …there is a place where ecopreneurs, entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium farmers and landowners are gathering - the collaborative development of Eco Impact Zones – Plug In!

Navigating the developing WorldWide Grid of Eco Impact Zone friendly Frontier markets enhances the development of alternative capitalization opportunities and introduces new value chains of the future - viable market entry, partnerships, fundings, distributorships, new ports of trade, as well as, new branding opportunities with the ultimate value of "collaborative enterprise development" and the "collaborative enterprise zones of development."

Barriers for Ecopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Micro Business/Farmers and Small to Medium Enterprise are reducing! The Collaborative Nature of the Eco-Agri Rural or Urban development breaks down previous barriers to growth, expansion, funding, transportation, and competition.

Logistics barriers are overcome through small enterprise Collaborative Intermodalism.  Reach and market entry barriers are overcome through small enterprise flexibility and ability to achieve Locality and Structure.

Funding and financial barriers are reduced or overcome through alternative funding models and collaborative, working capital engagementsPorts of Trade and delivery and reach are found through the developing Eco Impact Zones of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators!

The Paradigm begins!  Competition from Big Business of Macro Markets and former BRICS versus the Strength of Collaborative, Global and Responsible Small Enterprise relations, and Alternative Micro Markets - count on the later as the paradigm shifts back in favor of micro enterprise enablement. .

There are options obviating the control of Ports of Trade, or of Sources of Logistics.  Changing the dynamics of new ports, trade routes, and alternative modality, no longer will Enterprise be relegated to an unfair, unfavored trading status.

The gathering Eco Impact Zone Ports and Trade Routes of working capital friendly Frontier markets are connecting Eco-Agri Collaborations of small enterprise to developing Eco-Agri Collaborations; new ports, trade routes, and value chains of the future - enterprise from enterprise.

The taking back of Alternative Enterprise Markets? The Paradigm resulting from the Global Macro Institutionalism's failures now empowers, encourages and enables change in favor of ecopreneurs, entrepreneurs, micro business/farmers, staging the future of Small Enterprise Eco Collaborations with an International Reach!

Tap in to the Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators on Linked in and Enable, Empower and Encourage with us as the Collaborative Nature of semi-philanthropic, eco-oriented, rural and urban development invites responsible enterprise into the Zones where entrepreneurs, micro business/farmers and small to medium enterprises are gathering and taking back enterprise markets.

From select, friendly Frontier markets of South America, Eastern Europe, East Africa, to the South Pacific and Asia, semi-philanthropic collaborators are joining in the Paradigm of Eco Collaborative Capital - now, fair competition from trade ports and routes to funding of collaborative venture.

Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators Group on LInkedIn

Eco Impact Zones, join in the Alternative Trade Routes of the Eco Impact Zones!

►►located in underserved, friendly Frontier markets or surrounding working capital friendly country of operations?

►►have strong commercial prospects?

►►needing significant equity contributions in-cash or in-kind from the project sponsor?

►►benefiting the local underserved community or surrounding working capital friendly economy; adding value by helping develop the private sector; specifically, the entrepreneur, micro business/farmers and small to medium enterprise and populations?

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