Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did you know? "In the Gathering are potential "holistic" zones of eco-collaborative development..."

New Era of Rural and Urban Development
New Eco Industries - New Eco Workforces - New Eco Infrastructures

Friendly Frontier markets seeking new era Rural and Urban development - Enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing holistic Eco oriented new era eco facilities - part of the many renewables making up an Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital venture.

New Routes of Trade combined with targeted Innovative and Holistic Private Commerce Modeling are forging the completion of the WorldWide Grid of Alternative Micro and Small Enterprise Farmers/Landowners.  

In this Paradigm or new era of Rural and Urban development, join in discovering development of alternative Micro Corridor Trade and Commerce Zones - extending reach and frequency, new value-chains, and the employment of unique modality.  

This is the "New Era" of private, semi-philanthropic collaboration of holistic eco-collaborative-development.

The effect of "Impact Zones - Eco Impact Zones" is clear - by initiating semi-philanthropic collaborations of Eco Impact Zones and assembling the strength of Ecopreneurs, a Paradigm emerges in new era rural and urban Eco-oriented infrastructures - tailoring total enterprise development.

Adding value to the Zone - Enhancing access to capital and reconfiguring the costs of capital, the Paradigm for enterprise development assembles the continuous possibilities of working capital, semi-philanthropic, Eco (green industry) collaborators from like-minded Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators!

The Collaborations tailor a total-zone and holistic-Eco-economic impact build-out.  Tailored to assist the designated rural or urban Eco zone, area and region -  "the gathering" enhances and enables options for the development of complimenting Eco oriented industries, holistically formed - extending reach to new markets and value-chains of the future.

The ultimate in secured capital and complimented by locality and structure - the Collaborative Holdings' are a key element for successful and sustainable enterprise development.

Semi-philanthropic, eco-development collaborations are offered to maximize working capital and broaden as well as deepen the co-financing base.

Collaboratively adding value - Collaborative Engagements benefit the Zones by increasing the number of commercial lenders and new co-financing structures into the enterprise-oriented countries and continuous-enterprise-development-zones.  

Eco Impact Zones are developed to introduce new Eco (ecologically friendly) oriented industries, new era workforces, enhanced access to capital, and the modality required to Eco-Agri Collaborative Logistics/Modality developing alternative trade, ports, and access to other collaborative impact zones.

Where Eco-Collaborators Plug In!

Specific Scope bid requirements are open for invited collaborating participant sectors to build, operate, transfer, and train the local independent contracting workers in new Eco tech sectors from advanced trained Agri-Techs, Fishery-Techs, Solar-Techs, Communications-Tech, Renewable-Field-Operations-Techs, including advanced training in Eco-Agri security and Eco-Agri logistics techs.

Experience the reach through developing micro economic corridors and the value chains of the future - now more than ever, people are paying attention to the arrival of Eco Impact Zone and Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital Enablement.

So, if you missed the news about Eco Collaborative Capital Modeling and Semi-Philanthropic Development of eco-oriented collaborations, you might be overlooking the Paradigms in alternative capital and economic development concepts.

If you missed the gathering of and between semi-philanthropic micro enterprise worldwide collaborators and micro/small farmers/landowners...join with under-served, friendly Frontier markets!

Help is on the way - it's good to know that private groups of semi-philanthropic collaborators are forming Eco Impact Zones and Eco-Agri Collaborative Models.

Join with the growing Group of local and private, semi-philanthropic teams - Engaging the paradigm, offering flexibility in both Urban or Rural Financial Structure Planning or Plan(s) (FSP) and enabling the assembly of local and international Eco Impact Zones, building alternative trade routes and new micro capital value chains of the future.

Join in the Paradigm of Enterprise Encouragement, Empowerment, Enablement! Find the Zones of Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators and the Semi-Philanthropic development of a growing WorldWide Grid of Micro Economic Corridors and the Power of Eco Collaborations.

Welcome to the New Era of Rural or Urban Development - holistic Eco Collaborative Capital Model development of Eco Impact Zones!