Sunday, November 30, 2014

Empowering Micro Economic Corridors - Collaborative Development off the Interstates of Macro Markets

Did you know?  Along the Interstates of Macro Markets 
are the developing Avenues of Micro Economic Corridors!

Collaborative ventures are reconfiguring the cost of capital, changing the global economic landscape for small and micro enterprise in both Rural and Urban development.  Holistic Eco development is enhancing access to working capital, building value chains of the future, and empowering Micro Economic Corridors off the Interstates of Macro Markets.

Ecopreneurs are Collaborating - Creating Eco Impact Zones and...

...expanding the global economic pie through the Avenues of Micro Economic Corridors!

Paradigms - Strategies in Private Rural and Urban Development

Alternative capital developmental paradigms from private, collaborative, Entrepreneurs-Ecopreneurs are forming the working capital relations and enhancing access to capital for small and micro enterprise landowners and small farmers of friendly, frontier markets.

Post World War II and most especially over the past 35-years', an evolution of Macro Market geopolitics and Macro Market trade routes, competition for and within the former BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) emerging markets lead to the largest bleed of wealth in human history and the near destruction of small and micro enterprise capacity to increase the global economic pie. 

Over the past 6-years', Macro Market geopolitics and the decoupling of trade and trade routes leading many private innovators into under-served, friendly Frontier markets where collaborations are forming, innovating with Eco industries, Eco workforces, and sustainable growth for Eco-friendly infrastructure development.

Assembling into teams, working in collaboration, and enhancing funding access for rural and or urban development, under served - friendly Frontier markets are evolving toward free-market, fledgling democracies, and once again private, small enterprise is adding to the global economic pie.

What are Eco Impact Zones composed of?  did you know?  "...agriculture, eco energies, hydro, eco modalities, ports of trade and more!"

Eco-Agri and Renewables collaborative capital models are helping landowners and small-enterprise-oriented-micro-farmers to join together and form what will be many of the largest producers of high-yield, high-demand, naturally grown food, renewable energies, fisheries, communications and data, renewable grasses - all from friendly, frontier markets.  

Adding impact?  Each Eco Impact Zone are encouraged to compete as the largest producers of renewable grasses and timbers, such as bamboo, outside of China!

Enabling new era infrastructure development, Eco-collaborations within friendly, under-served frontier markets promote new confidence in fostering economies of Eco-industries with reach within and from the Avenues of Micro Economic Corridors. Along the way, eco-enterprise development creates vertical market commerce, extensive modality, and the development of burgeoning micro economic corridors and new routes of trade.

Where there is an Eco Collaborative, there is total Collaborative Modality. Where total modality is included, infrastructure combines in forming an environment for future enterprise development and the promotion of continuous enterprise development zones and the expansion of new value chains along the developing corridors' alternative trade routes and ports.

Into a network of globally connected alternative trade routes and ports, Project Genesis "M" brings reach and frequency of reach - enhancing not just sustainability but also the durability of secure, alternative modality from each Eco Impact Zone.

Private, Collaborative Enterprise - Expanding the Global Economic Pie

Advancing the Paradigm is Project Genesis "M," from "intermodalism" to "global modality" of Frontier Market zones.

Moving goods through the enterprise oriented grid offers under served zones with access to new enterprise oriented Ports, opening new markets and adding more sectors of enterprises joining in the Alternative to barriers frequented in Macro oriented economic corridors.

Having the ability to interface with locality, organization, structure, the collaborative flexibility to tailor Eco Collaborative Modality to tailored global locations, each collaboration in each Zone, empowers infrastructure improvements and the greater development of "micro economic corridors" in parallel relationship to Macro "economic corridors."

Eco-Agri and Renewable Collaborations
Private Modality - Reach and Frequency to the new value chains!

Paralleling the Interstates of Macro Trade along the Avenues of Micro Economic Corridors?

Collaborative possibilities deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations; and now, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…

Enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing.

Collaborative possibilities deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations; and now, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…

Enter the Paradigm where Modality incorporates into Eco Collaborative Zones; establishing alternative ports, routes of trade and the sustainability into the value chains of the future. Join in developing the grid and enabling the micro economic corridors of developing Eco Impact Zones.

Welcome to the New Era in Rural and Urban Development!

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