A New Era in Rural and Urban Development, from the friendly, frontier markets - Here We Come!

man in shadows with arms raised...background undeveloped flatlands preparing the new economies of Eco Impact Zone Collaborations
...from the Micro Economic Corridors,
Here We Come!
"...a Paradigm can have positive outcomes - changing the old way of thinking - collaborating in friendly, frontier markets - are Ecopreneurs and Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators - teamed with local small farmers and landowners - expanding the global economic pie and..."

Those that are looking are witnessing alternative trade development from under-served, friendly, frontier markets - empowered through micro enterprise worldwide collaborators.

Teaming with local small farmers and landowners are private, semi-philanthropic ecopreneurs developing Campuses of holistic Eco Impact Zones - accelerating new era Eco infrastructure - introducing Eco workforces - creating value chains of the future - developing alternative trade-routes and trade-ports - forming Eco Impact Zone Trade through the local micro economic corridors.

Micro Enterprise Sectors are Assembling into Collaborative Engagements with tailored Financial Structured Plans…forcing the growing acceptance that Paradigms are occurring favoring Micro Economic Alternatives!

What makes up holistic Eco Impact Zones?

Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital Models are holistically composed of renewable energy facilities, Aquaponic (closed system, nutrient rich) Growing Units (AGUs), Fishery (closed system, nurseries) Nursery Units (FNUs), Field Renewables (Bamboo & other low impact renewable crops), Full Security Scope, and Modality - capable transport & logistics internally and to micro economic corridors and value chains of future.

Cohesive, vertical integration of holistic Eco projects in under-served, friendly, frontier markets enables and empowers significant technological benefits, maximizing efficiency of smaller farms and lands, minimizing environmental impact, and advancing higher technically trained eco workforces into the future.

Private eco-collaborators are teaming with local small farmers and landowners and tailoring each Zone with highly-systemized approach to managing various Eco Campus infrastructure components.

Minimizing environmental impact and introducing responsible, new era impact zones, collaborative capital is enhancing access to capital, enabling under-served regions and forming holistic campuses of Eco farms.

Empowered through holistic development and engineered with vertical integration, Eco-Agri and Renewable Collaboration Campuses are introducing eco-infrastucture development and production of renewable energies - high-volume, high quality, closed-system greenhouse produce units - closed-system, internal filtrated fishery nursery units - large fields of renewable grasses -  with vertically integrated, real-time monitoring of each Eco campus production components such as renewable electricity and communications data network to environmental infrastructure such as water, sewer and so on. 

Composed and tailored for each under-served market, each eco-component is highly systemized - and are holistically composed for each Eco Impact Zone.
Eco-Agri & Renewable Collaborations
expanding responsible friendly frontier markets
through the developing micro economic corridors!

Eco-oriented industries- new era workforces - enhanced access to capital - modality required for durable and sustainable Eco-Agri Collaborative Logistical Modality developing alternative trade, trade-ports, and access to other collaborative impact zones through development of new and current micro economic corridors and value chains of the future.

Where Eco-Collaborators Plug In!

Local and global, private, ecopreneurs team in collaboration with local farmers and landowners and form Specific Eco Component Scope bid requirements for ecopreneurial, collaborating participant sectors to build, operate, transfer, and train the local independent contracting workers in new Eco tech sectors from advanced trained Agri-Techs, Fishery-Techs, Solar-Techs, Communications-Tech, Renewable-Field-Operations-Techs, including advanced training in Eco-Agri security and Eco-Agri logistics techs.

Here We Come!

Welcome in to the Paradigm of Micro Enterprise Collaborative Possibilities!

Join us in forming the WorldWide grid of Micro Enterprise Eco impact zones in a New Era in Rural and Urban Development!

Alternative, private, semi-philanthropic, collaborative, holistic development of under-served friendly, frontier markets.

Enabling smaller scale farmers and landowners to enjoin collectively, building durable and sustainable new era enterprise impact zone campuses.

Campuses of renewable energies, advanced aquaponic agriculture, fisheries, closed systems, grasses, timbers, communications, vertically integrated and empowered with reach and modality from Eco Impact Zones, creating the Value Chains of the Future and feeding the future, "here we come!"

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