Points of Light - Private, Semi-Philanthropic Holistic Eco Sector Collaborations "the formation of Eco Impact Zones"

Eco Impact Zones
Points of Light
in a new era of Rural and Urban Development

Innovation Drives Results

In under-served, friendly Frontier markets teams of ecopreneurs, community representatives, and private eco-centric sectors of companies are gathering with small farmers and landowners innovating Campuses of Closed System Agriculture, Fisheries, Renewable Energies and Grasses, advanced communications data networks and innovating developing "points of light" and bringing forth a new era of Rural and Urban Development.

Tailoring of Campuses provide flexibility for maximum development of high quality food stuffs and ever increasing level of eco-technology related fields in each Eco sector composing each campus.

Under-served, friendly Frontier markets permit focused and cost effective building out of new era infrastructure while minimizing land degradation and environmental impact.

Points of Light are forming as alternative modeling for maximum economic impact, establishing greater recognition that forming along the Interstates of Macro Economic Corridors are the points of light feeding development of new value chains, new trade routes and ports - developing alternative corridors of trade - expanding the global economic pie.

Join us in forming the WorldWide grid of Micro Enterprise Eco Impact zones - a New Era in Rural and Urban Development!

Alternative, private, semi-philanthropic, collaborative, holistic development of under-served friendly, frontier markets.

Enabling smaller scale farmers and landowners to enjoin collectively, building durable and sustainable new era enterprise impact zone campuses.

Campuses of renewable energies, advanced aquaponic agriculture, fisheries, closed systems, grasses, timbers, communications, vertically integrated and empowered with reach and modality from Eco Impact Zones, creating the Value Chains of the Future and feeding the future, "here we come!"

Enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing.

Collaborative possibilities deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations; and now, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…

Enter the Paradigm where Modality incorporates into Eco Collaborative Zones; establishing alternative ports, routes of trade and the sustainability into the value chains of the future. Join in developing the grid and enabling the micro economic corridors of developing Eco Impact Zones.

Welcome to the New Era in Rural and Urban Development!

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