The Growth of Micro Economic Corridors

Eco Industries - Holistic Eco Campuses

The developing eco industries and holistic eco campuses!

A significant change?

...minimizing environmental impact and, 
...developing eco grids of micro economic corridors.

Think "Bamboo" (renewable grasses) - another important contributor to success of holistic Eco-Agri and Renewable Capital Collaborations.

Developing eco grids of micro economic corridors! Growing the Eco-oriented corridors - from 1,000 acres to 1,000 square kilometers - the Paradigm of Collaborative Capital Model development is happening. 

Collaborative like-minded entrepreneurs and private eco industries are working to stimulate market possibilities where no markets existed before.

Collaborative Capital Models enhance access to development for friendly, under-served countries and compliment, rather than displace, the Macro capital forms of funding for global small enterprise development.

Eco-impact zones are developing Alternative workforces of "Agri Techs," "Solar-Hydro-Wind-GeoThermal Techs," "Agri-Forestry Techs," "Communications Techs," "Modality Techs," and building technological workforces of the future.

Think Bamboo and minimize environmental impact! Competition for timber is getting tougher, trees resources are becoming scarce, and opportunities to plant are more limited. 

Bamboo is an alternative to traditional timber. It’s a renewable resource; it matures in 3-4 years, and it has 1,500-recorded uses and benefits. In terms of rate of growth it grows faster than timber trees.

With at least 1,500-recorded uses of bamboo, what new value chains are available? The important usages are mainly in paper industry, building material, tiny and cottage industries, handicrafts, medicinal products, edible shoots and new generation products such as wood substitutes, truck bodies, railway carriages, bamboo boards, tiles etc. - Just a few!

Bamboo (renewable grasses), another important contributor to successful, holistic Eco-Agri Capital Collaborations and the growth of the new micro economic corridors.

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