Eco Campuses! Enabling agricultural and renewables farming for under-served markets - adding the technologies of Mobility and Order Fulfillment

New Era and New Economies of Rural/Urban development are enabling agricultural and renewable farming for under-served markets.

Discovering the development of Micro Economic Corridors - advancing the new era in development for under-served, friendly Frontier Markets...are you?

Eco Campuses are integrating mobile reach and frequency platforms expanding market and economic reach while enabling sustainable planning through research, and conservation.

Reach - Value - Frequency - Order Fulfillment!

By introducing proper economic scale in Rural or Urban Collaborative Capital Model development enhances sustainability by ensuring local and regional economic ability to consume products or services of the economically vibrant zone and to establish reach into Micro Enterprise Collaborative Zones through alternative trade route development and effective expansion of reach through the developing micro economic corridors.

Immediate orders and payments made in real-time.  Integrating SMS and EOF along the growing 80% plus mobile phone penetration enables "real time" pricing and "payment" or contracting fulfillment.

Collaborative like-minded entrepreneurs and private eco industries are working to stimulate market possibilities where no markets existed before.

Why is "reach" so important?

"Reach" enables new era Eco collaborative farming to broaden value chains outside of under-served markets.

What's the "value"?  Effective and real-time knowledge of demand along the developing micro economic corridors and value chains.

"Value" enables Eco campuses to adequately plan and sustain crop yields and to continuously evaluate growing market share and the expanding value chains for future production and expansion.

"Frequency" enables Eco campuses with continuous access to market demand and fact-based data for future production as well as real-time pricing based on real-time data and trending.

"Electronic Order Fulfillment" enables Eco campuses instant access to wholesale as well as retail buyers to>  click - shop - choose method of delivery - make immediate payment - and to track all purchases from order to delivery.

So, why Eco-Agri Collaborative Communications and Data?

Delivering mobile enabled agricultural services!

Bringing technology - Eco Campuses are connecting farmers to a variety of stakeholders able to package multiple services and benefiting stakeholders by enabling reach to and from Eco campus farmers - directly. 

Sharing research - Under-served micro economic corridors are enabled to develop micro economic corridors and to overcome barriers to agricultural information and extension services as well as reach is the synergy of Mobility.

Employing vertical integration - Electronic Order Fulfillment (EOF) is an absolute element of vertical integration.  

Vertically integrated Eco Campuses are drawing the interest from commercial and regional consumers making shopping easier through "point and click." 

Sustainable planning and easing access to the growing micro economic corridors and value chains - 

Providing real-time access to each Eco Campus' products and services permits buyers access to purchase small to bulk purchases from Eco Campuses improving the synergy of technology with reach and the security required to complete the contracting of purchases and tracking delivery to the end user.

Why communications and data?  In under-served, friendly Frontier markets teams of ecopreneurs, community representatives, and private eco-centric sectors of companies are gathering with small farmers and landowners innovating Campuses of Closed System Agriculture, Fisheries, Renewable Energies and Grasses, advanced communications data networks and innovating developing "points of light" and bringing forth a new era of Rural and Urban Development.

Eco Campuses are delivering real-time capabilities!

Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital Models are holistically composed of renewable energy facilities, Aquaponic (closed system, nutrient rich) Growing Units (AGUs), Fishery (closed system, nurseries) Nursery Units (FNUs), Field Renewables (Bamboo & other low impact renewable crops), Full Security Scope, and Modality - capable transport & logistics internally and to micro economic corridors and value chains of future.

Cohesive, vertical integration of holistic Eco projects in under-served, friendly, frontier markets enables and empowers significant technological benefits, maximizing efficiency of smaller farms and lands, minimizing environmental impact, and advancing higher technically trained eco workforces into the future.

By adding the technologies of Mobility and Order Fulfillment, Eco Campuses are enabling under-served farmers to produce and sell more effectively through SMS Mobility to Electronic Contract Fulfillment.

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