Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's Happening outside Macro Economic Corridors and Why? Forcing paradigms for Under-Served

Forcing Paradigms for Under-Served As Macro Institutionalism Hoarding Capital
As representatives of Governments, Big Banking Institutions, and Billionaires converge on Davos, Switzerland, what's happening outside Macro Economic Corridors, and why?

"Collaborations in Micro Economic Corridors are introducing Paradigms through holistic rural/urban opportunities.  Teaming with semi-philanthropic, private ecopreneurs and under-served, a paradigm has emerged enhancing both development, reach, and capital enablement in under-served, friendly Frontier markets."

As Davos is filled with "talking heads" arguing whose Macro Institutional currencies and to-big-to-fail macro institutions should be saved or helped in order to preserve its institutions - forces are introducing paradigms for under-served?  Here Come Eco Impact Zones!

What about the World's private, small to medium enterprises - the entrepreneurs/ecopreneurs - the small and micro farmers, landowners - desperately seeking opportunity to expand the global economic pie?

The Argument from the under-served?  Less and less parity between government/big business institutionalism, macro economic stability versus opportunities sought from under-served, micro economic corridors.

The dynamics of Macro versus Micro Economics have become so disproportionate as to spawn the Micro Alternatives for capital enablement. From employment of vertical integration, addition of available technologies, emerges organization, structure and growth.

Limiting more than 70% of the Globe's under-served to expand the global economic pie is serving as a catalyst for change.

There are places where entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise are gathering, gathering for alternatives to the dynamics of Macro Economic institutionalism and the enduring lack of parity for the greater global economic engine of small enterprise!

Now, more than ever, small enterprise ideas, enterprise empowerment and responsible collaborative ventures are reconfiguring the cost of capital, enhancing access to working capital and changing the global economic landscape for small enterprise.

For more on the alternatives for entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise and the Paradigms of enterprise enablement; check out the holistic Eco Impact Zones.

Welcome in to the Paradigm of Micro Enterprise Collaborative Possibilities!

Join in forming the WorldWide grid of Micro Enterprise Eco Impact Zones in a New Era in Rural and Urban Development!

Alternative, private, semi-philanthropic, collaborative, holistic development of under-served friendly, frontier markets.

Enabling smaller scale farmers and landowners to enjoin collectively, building durable and sustainable new era enterprise impact zone campuses.

Campuses of Eco Impact Zones renewable energies advanced communications, advanced aquaponic agriculture, fisheries, closed systems, Eco Impact Zones renewable grasses, timbers, communications, vertically integrated and empowered with reach and modality from Eco Impact Zones, creating the Value Chains of the Future and feeding the future, "here we come!"