Rating Agencies Fail to Help Business - Small Business Models Better

Rating Agencies Fail to Help Business - Small Business Models Better

Well, there they go again! That's right Rating Agencies (S&P, Moody's, D&Bs), the ratings companies of Enron, Worldcom, lose their moral right to rate! Reputations built on due diligence can follow the home based entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises models.

Let's just suggest, that MicroSoft, Apple, Google and others, if rated by Ratings Agencies at their time of conception...would have never rated either worth capital funding and sound market entry.

Small and medium enterprises under successful models balance "self due diligence" with sound research like MIRs and CMRs, sound communication between business partners, strategic market entries, limited capital with targeted goals.

Rating Agencies should truly consider returning to the basics and look to the small and medium enterprises, home based entrepreneurs and associations of small and medium enterprises and the merits of true business intelligence.

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